As a performer for over thirty years, and later, writer and Managing Director of BIGCATPRODUCTIONS, my experience has covered many facets of the entertainment industry throughout my time.

As an actor, my career began at the age of six in my first performance of, "The Emperor's New Clothes." After appearing in a few more productions, it wouldn't be until many years later that I would find myself back in the land of performing after a sports filled youth.

Although disciplined and very passionate like most performers, I was to find out just how difficult this industry was. But as the quote goes, "This industry chooses you," and once I was hooked in, that was it.

A decade later I began to look at ways of enhancing my career and broadening beyond the acting sector... That's when I stumbled into writing.

After being offered the part of "Stine" in the Musical production of, "City of Angels," I began doing research for the character. As "Stine" was a writer, it made perfect sense that I write something... I had no idea at the time that I was on my way to writing my first play called, "Stations."


In early 1997, after completing a tour overseas, I decided to put my money where my art was and produce my newly finished play... Once I booked the venue, gathered some extraordinary talent, and spent every last cent that I had, there was no going back.

To my surprise, "Stations" went on to play to full houses every night of its run. Was placed at the top of the, "A List" in The Age for the best theatre production to see in Melbourne at that time… And to an even a greater surprise, whilst on tour overseas later on that year I received a call that, "Stations" had won 4 awards through the Victorian Drama League... A very good outcome, and confirmation that maybe I had some writing chops.

Since that time I have continued to perform as well as write, completing a body of work from screenplays to children's books, as well as songs and background scoring and lots more in-between.

Although I never seem to stop climbing this complex and wonderful ladder of the arts, I am extraordinarily grateful to still be doing what I truly love... Creating.

("I'd rather starve in makeup than to wake up as a clerk") - The roar of the grease paint, the smell of the crowd.