Feature Length Screenplay: Supernatural Paranormal Thriller

As a detective searches for a serial killer, he has no way of knowing that the denial of his own identity is the answer to solving the crime, and also the last hope of saving the light of all humanity.

Uriel - His past holds the key to our future.




Feature Length Screenplay: Psychological Mystery Thriller

When two redneck brothers and one of their girlfriends go on their annual camping trip, only to find a seemingly dead body and a bag full of money, they have no idea it's all part of a plan, and that their past is coming back to haunt them in the worst possible way.

The Devil's Elbow - Some truths can't be buried.




Feature Length Screenplay: Dramatic Hero's Journey

As two sons battle past regrets and unfulfilled dreams, it seems that both are headed towards the same depressive cycle as their father, but when their mother passes away, these three men are forced to face their demons, or lose themselves in what could have been, forevermore.

Onthouden - It's not in the falling we fail, but in the refusal to get back up.




Feature Length Screenplay: Fantasy Sci Fi

In the year 2367, when the Queen of Earth-world has finally eradicated dreams from all humanity, Taleron, the land of dreams is forced to send its last night warrior in hope of saving both worlds, stopping each from plunging into a darkness that will end them both.

Taleron - When the darkness comes, who will save our souls.




Feature Length Screenplay: Dramatic Hero's Journey

When a fathers world is shattered by an unfortunate accident that takes his daughter's life, his guilt sends him on a journey of unrelenting punishment.

Redemption - There is nothing more dangerous than a father that has nothing to lose.




Feature Length Screenplay: Love Story

When two souls believe their love is unbreakable they decide to put that love to the test, promising to find each other no matter how long it takes, and no matter where in the world they find themselves, but after five lifetimes of searching it seems even love can grow weary.

Throughout Time - Would you chase love on a promise?




Feature Length Screenplay: Action Hero's Journey

When a father finds a way to help his sick son by entering a realty show, pitting army, navy, air force and civilians against one another, he has no way of knowing that he will not only be fighting for his sons life, but also his own as this game of reality becomes a little too real.

Commando - The ultimate game.




Television Serial: Supernatural Drama

A Father and Son orchestrate from the wings as a the final battle for Earth and our souls reaches it climactic end game.

Revelation - Some families just don't get along.





Television Serial: Comedy Drama

As Raff grew up he always dreamed of writing that one great novel, but sadly after thirty years he didn't even have a title. What he did have however were bookshelves full of journals from his extensive travels, which eventually landed him a job at Backpackers Inc, and a twist to that publication that he never saw coming.

Backpackers Inc - The world is just a visa away.




Animation Series: Children's Fantasy Sci Fi

The Malamites follows the lives and adventures of the fun loving creatures of the Planet Brimlest, in the Melgatron galaxy. The story-lines are built around positive concepts such as friendship, dreams, triumph and respect. The most important ingredient though will simply be, having fun… and lots of it!

The Malamites - Come along and have some fun!




Stageplay - One Act: Drama

As Jessie looks back at his life all he finds is a world of regret. But what he doesn't realize in that moment is that the eyes he is looking through are the eyes of his future self, and as he wakes finally from his morbid dream, he understands fully that he must choose differently, or face that reality for real.

Stations - To live a life in regret, is not to live a life at all

Winner of four Victorian Drama League awards.



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Musical Stageplay: Dramatic Musical

When Mary takes on a new girl, releasing her from a contract of another brothel, she has no idea the trouble she is about to bring upon her beloved place. She now has to make decisions which could jeopardize the lives of all that work at her establishment. A game of Russian Roulette seems her only hope.

Velvet - Welcome to the world oldest profession.




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Musical Stageplay: Educational

Living with Sars is an educational play that deals with the Sars virus in a fun way, but with serious overtones. It creates an awareness of the virus for children through live song, dance and drama that is educational, interactive, fun and gives them tools to use to prevent the virus spreading.

Sars - Building a healthy knowledge through education.




Musical Stageplay: Children's Fantasy Sci Fi

The Muke’s are on their yearly holiday adventure, traveling to the Milky-way, but have no idea that they have been followed and are about to be held captive while their arch-enemy steals the key to Melgatron's subturiliam mine in order to claim the Andromodus crystals that control the entire Melgatron Galaxy.

Time for some Muke Power!




Book Series: Children's Adventure

When Ted E Bear Jr and all his friends magically come to life, they begin to discover there's more to their world than what they see. With so many new things to discover and so many people to help, their new world becomes full with new adventures to be had, and unsuspecting sticky situations to overcome.

The Adventures Ted E Bear Jr - What trouble will he get in to next?




Book Series: Children's Fantasy Sci Fi

Meet The Malamites follows King Monty and his son, Prince Marvin as they journey around their planet Brimlest, spending the day with their Malamite friends, doing what they do best…. Having fun!

The Malamites - Come along and have some fun!


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